Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher Mount 2.5 LB Blue Bartact

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Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher Mount 2.5 LB Blue. Introducing the highest quality, most thought out Fire Extinguisher holder in existence. You could settle for a cheap Chinese holder that comes in black only with a tiny piece of 1 inch hook and loop that you pray is stitched on and won't fall off. Or you could get ours, which is proudly Made in the U.S.A. Did we mention, you have your choice of colors for no extra charge? That's right! Match your Fire

Extinguisher Holder to the color of your vehicle, and/or any Bartact or Trek Armor seat covers and accessories. This fits both padded and non-padded roll bars, and PALS webbing as a MOLLE accessory. So no matter how you roll, you're covered!

Works with Fire Extinguishers with a holding capacity of 2.5 Lbs. If you run a Kidde fire Extinguisher, you must use the the taller, white marine fire extinguisher with the 2.5 lb holder, even though it is listed at over 3 lbs. Our holder is taller than the Red and/or Grey Kidde fire extinguishers that they list as 2.5 lbs. Kidde only lists gross weight on their bottles, which is deceptive and has much less ability to extinguish a fire, we recommend using AMEREX or similar fire extinguishers.


  • Color - Blue
  • Material - Cordura Nylon
  • Capacity - 2.5 Lbs