34 customization ideas for your 2021 Ford Bronco

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The 2021 Ford Bronco is one of the most favored and preferred off-road vehicles for the off-roading community. Of course, it did not get this reputation immediately. It had to earn its stripes. However big the fanbase may be for the Ford Bronco brand, you best believe that it is well earned. We're talking about a tough crowd here.


Not only do off-road enthusiasts expect rugged performance off the beaten track, but they also are looking for durability. We're talking about a machine that can take a beating over an extended period of time and still handle everything that mother nature can throw its way.


Talk about a tall order and it is really quite a compliment to the Ford Bronco that it has managed to not only gain the loyalty of really hard to impress off-roading and motoring enthusiasts, but its been able to grow this following over the years.


The new 2021 model for the Ford Bronco is highly anticipated and a lot of people are excited about its release. You can say that owning a Ford Bronco is an off-roaders dream come true. It's easy to see why people are excited because Ford has really done an amazing job of offering customization options that go beyond the basic configurations of this off-road vehicle.


We're talking about at least 200 upgrade options. That's a lot of options to choose from so you can fully customize your Ford Bronco not only to handle whatever comes its way when it comes to your off-roading planned trips but also to highlight your personality.


These upgrade options can really bring out what is distinctive in your very own 2021 Ford Bronco. In terms of basics, the Ford Bronco comes in 2 doors and 4 door models. There's also the Bronco Sport version.


You can customize the interior and exterior of your model to your liking. This is not just in passing. Many off-road vehicles come with a fairly short list of customization options. Not the Ford Bronco. You get a really long list of accessories options so you can make your vehicle truly your own.


Here are 35 customization ideas. There are 200 upgrade options. We've picked out 35 that most line up with popular customization and personalization options.



Option #1: Trail rig for the 2 door model


This gives the Bronco a more rugged look. So if you're looking for a machine that projects all the raw adventure that mother nature is capable of delivering, you might want to consider the trail rig option.


This rig features a performance modular front bumper, tube doors, 40 inch LED light bar, and deadlock capable wheels. It also includes roof rails, a recovery kit, and recovery boards, and comes complete with a rear swing gate-mounted table.



Option #2: Outerbanks fishing guide for the 4 door model


This features fender-mounted trail sights for your fishing poles, a roof rack, slide-out tailgate that can also be used as a workbench surface. So if you plan to clean a lot of fish and you're all about that fishing lifestyle, you might want to consider this accessories package for your Ford Bronco.



Option #3: Offroadeo adventure patrol for the Bronco Sport


This Bronco Sport package is based on the older badlands trim package. It features an interior bike rack for 2 bikes, a hood target you can use to land your drones on, and a storage roof rack with an LED light bar.



Option #4: Bronco Sport TOWRZR


This package is customized for hauling stuff long distances like outdoor gear, camping gear, and all that good stuff. It is very utilitarian and can handle a wide range of small vehicles that you need to mount like jet skis, ATVs, and the like.


It also features a Yakima crossbar and a cargo basket.


Option #5: Bronco Sport trail rig


This customization focuses more on enhancing your vehicle's off-roading capabilities. It comes with 31-inch tires, a 1-inch lift kit, and a lock and load platform roof rack.



Option #6: Sasquatch upgrade package


This is a fairly straightforward upgrade package for the Ford Bronco. When you get this package, your wheels get upgraded to 35 inches. You also get a bead lock capable wheel unit and your suspension is upgraded to HOSS.



Option #7: Upgrade your body armor by changing your fender flairs


This is a pretty straightforward upgrade package.



Option #8: Upgrade your bumpers and winch


You can level up bush-ready and wilderness ready bumpers and a winch assembly with this option package.



Option #9: LED lights and mounts


This is a simple upgrade. You basically get your LED lights and mounts attached to the roofline of your Ford Bronco.



Option #10: Install amber dust light at your rear


Just as described, you install the amber dust light at the rear of your vehicle. This is a pretty straightforward package to install.



Option #11: Mirror mounted off-road light with an underbody lighting


If you're going to be in the middle of the wilderness with no artificial light whatsoever and there's not a light pole or municipal light source for miles around, you might want to consider this mirror-mounted off-road light with underbody lighting.


Not only can other people see you a mile away, which can be a great safety feature, but it also gives you a sense of confidence if you're out there in pitch darkness.



Option #12: Install an onboard fridge and freezer combination


This is a great option if you plan to be on the road for long periods of time and you don't necessarily see yourself parking overnight at campgrounds. When you install an onboard fridge and freezer, you basically lock in your food supply even if you find yourself in the middle of the wilderness.


It's great for peace of mind as well as for maximum mobile practicality.



Option #13: Install trail armors


The trail armor package consists of rockers, rear corners, and hood. They make for a great additional layer of protection against mother nature's punishment.



Option #14: Install skid plates


This is pretty self-explanatory. It's great for additional protection on the road.



Option #15: Upgrade to FPP off-road suspension kit


If you see yourself hitting really unforgiving and often chaotic terrain, this is a really great option because your off-road vehicle will not only be able to handle the shock and shaking as well as violent drops that really rough trails can deliver, but you also get peace of mind.


It really takes a lot to throw your Ford Bronco off track when you install this next-level suspension kit.



Option #16: Rear underfloor cargo vault


If you are looking for extra storage space, this is a great option. Of course, you also have to look at your other options and prioritize. Storage may not be at the top of your list with everything else being equal. But if you are looking for a great place for cargo space, you might want to consider this option.



Option #17: Center console vault


If you're looking for extra storage inside the cabin, you might want to consider this small additional option.



Option #18: Fender flares


There's really no telling what your wheels are going to come across. So it's a really good idea to protect the wheel chamber by using fender flares.



Option #19: Range extending antenna


This, in my opinion, is an absolute necessity. If you are a hard-core off-roader, there's a good chance you will find yourself far away from civilization. While this can be very exciting, it also opens a big can of worms.


You don't want to be isolated. You don't want to find yourself in trouble with nobody around for miles. This is why it's a good idea to always be able to get access to help through a range extending antennae. The longer the range, the better.



Option #20: Electronic upgrades like remote starts and dash cameras


When it comes to protecting your property, it's a good idea to invest in-dash cameras and remote starts. You just don't know what kind of safety and security issue you may face when on the trail. In many cases, you may have to leave behind your vehicles.


So having these features gives you extra peace of mind.



Option #21: Pet harness options


If you go on the road with your pets frequently, you might want to consider harness options like pet barriers and a portable pet kennel. This is especially true if you go on long, extended trips with your pet.


You want them to be as comfortable and safe as possible.



Option #22: Adventure package


This readily available and popular package includes roof-mounted carriers, racks, retractable awnings, tents, and fences. This is geared primarily to people who spend a lot of time on the road and want to bring a little bit of home to the great outdoors.



Option #23: Rear axle upgrade


If you want a little bit more rugged protection and security, you might want to consider upgrading your rear axles from the default 4.88 to the 5.38 ratio.



Option #24: Change the colors of your bead lock rings


This is fairly superficial and cosmetic, but every little bit of customization helps.



Option #25: Install a bolt in the center dash to attach devices like GoPro cameras


This simple addition enables you to install GoPro cameras to record your trip. It also makes for a great quick and easy content generation especially if you shoot footage for your YouTube channel. You basically just turn on the GoPro setup and record away.


Once you get back from your trip, you can then just edit the raw footage and turn hours of raw footage into 30 minutes of really compelling YouTube content.



Option #26: Special seat covers and other options


When it comes to adding your own personal touch, you might want to consider special seat covers, wheel upgrades, and the like. But at the end of the day, these are really just personalization options that enable you to make your Ford Bronco reflect more of your distinct personality and outlook.



Option #27: Trailer bike controllers


If you're going to be taking trailer bikes with you, this is a great option.



Option #28: Interface upgrades


The Ford Bronco has an upgrade package where you can switch to the 12-inch touch screen. You can also get a 360-degree camera put in. In terms of your cabin, you can have sound-deadening materials put in to highlight the sweet sound of the Bang and Olufsen sound system that's included in the upgrade.



Option #29: Cruise control and other assistance


Another option package you can look into involves getting cruise control put in along with steering assistance and robust navigation software. This way, even though you're in the middle of the sticks, your navigation software can ensure that you at least know where the major landmarks are and this can go a long way in avoiding getting lost.



Option #30: Heated steering wheel and wireless charging pad


Make no mistake. Your wireless devices are crucial pieces of life equipment on the road. You need to have a nice hardware charging pad for them and this package delivers that. Also, if you're going to be going to really cold places, the heated steering wheel adds a much-needed level of personal comfort.



Option #31: Rock sliders and rock rails


These are well-known brands that enable you to add additional functionality to your Ford Bronco.



Option #32: Rear spoilers, door moldings, and hood scoop


These are more superficial in nature. But like I said, the more you personalize your Ford Bronco, the more it feels like a distinct extension of your personality and your personality alone.


Option #33: Aero skin hood protector

Option #34: Remote start system


Whether a part of a large security upgrade or a stand-alone system, you might seriously want to consider having a remote start system put in.


The final word in customization


At the end of the day, upgrades and customizations can really be broken down to cosmetic or functional. I would suggest you start with functional items first and then work your way to personalization.